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Life updated

First the good news: Should have been noted a while ago that Ericka's last set of biopsies came back with the news that none of the tissue samples were cancerous. She'll be going to a lymph/edema clinic at some point here, but it seems as if that cloud has been lifted from her health for the time being.

I'm growing tired of my job. It's mindless, the pay is only OK, the benefits are minimal. I've been sending out my resume to various openings I run across but have only had one interview in the last year. I need to look into beefing up the resume or reformatting its information or something. There must be someway for me to tell people how valuable I can be to an organization but, as much as I class myself as a good communicator, I can't seem to find it. Never was good at sales.

Today was day one of what I hope will become a routine now that weather is warmer. I biked to work and home. Got Ericka her drugs, had a shower, breakfast and drugs and then slept very well. Woke up about 4:30 and, thus, have a good six hours of time to do things around the house before having to go to work. The other way I'd like this to work would be to go to sleep six hours later and wake up right before going to work. Either way gives me a good chunk of time for fun and/or necessary things and should leave me in good shape to work all night.

Coming off a truncated Minicon, given Ericka's minor fall on Saturday but still feeling pretty jazzed about the whole weekend. A lot of good happened and fun was had. I'm looking forward to next year. I also need to get my CONvergence registration in. My buddy Bob hopes to have a party there this year and has asked that I help organize it. Should be all kinds of fun. Then there's the Winnipeg Folk Festival in the middle of July. Had fun at that last year and would love to go again this year.

I also need to get out to see my friend Jeff in LA and all my friends and relatives in the Seattle area. And a trip to Vegas is long overdue. Ah, so much fun to be had, so little time.

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