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Trippin' up the night

Ericka had a fall this afternoon. She didn't hurt herself too badly, probably bruised her wrists and wrenched a shoulder, but needed me to come home from Minicon to help out. I dropped out of the poker game I was playing (having already donated $10 to the cause) and rushed home. Her PCA and I got her up and unsteadily into bed. Her blood sugar dropped dramatically, likely from the exertion, so I got some juice into her and got her to bed. Pumping arnica, a homeopathic remedy for bruises and muscle soreness, into her and having her take it easy the rest of the night.

This, of course, means that I'm not able to attend Minicon tonight. I'm sad for this as I was looking forward to the party this evening, music later, some more poker into the wee hours (and making that $10 back). Still, a guy has to have priorities and number one on that list would be Ericka. So I gave Geri a call on her cell to let her know I wouldn't be there to make the blog. Hopefully she'll pass the word about what went on in case other folks are looking for me.

I'd like a little company but don't expect I can tempt anyone away from their Saturday night to just hang out with me while I watch over Ericka. Well, fortunately, on her errands this afternoon (before the fall) Ericka picked up some DVDs so I'll have entertainment for the rest of the evening.

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