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Minicon Friday

A nice and mellow time for a Friday at Minicon. I got to all the things I wanted to do, though not to as much music as I'd wanted. And I didn't make any blog. Tomorrow for sure.

The LJ party that was daedala's idea seemed to go over well. Several people I knew, including kaustin in his spiffy LJ polo, and several that I didn't know were part of LJ. Excellent dessert things of daedala's making were a hit and we got a nice crowd. We spilled out into the hallway early and didn't make it back in by the time I took Ericka home.

The thunderstorm rolling through made for great display in the glass dome at the north end of the consuite but also heralded an early evening of things for me. My poor dog gets quite distressed during storms and it was only a matter of time before Ericka would be calling for me to come home and deal with her.

So I got in my goodbyes and headed on home. Probably just as well as I'm now quite tired once I'm here. I'll lie down in front of the TiVo and watch the end of the Twins game (it didn't look good when I caught a glimpse in the consuite earlier in the night) and have a bit of a nap, most likely.

The drive home was poetic. Like driving though impressionistic splashes of red, green and sodium yellow on black velvet. I had a serious creative bug when I got home (probably stirred up by the conversation with minnehaha B and pegkerr and 90_percent_sure earlier) but am too tired to do anything with it tonight. Maybe in the morning something will strike me.

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