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Partied, pooped and looking forward

Had much fun over the weekend. All of it compressed into Saturday, it seemed.

Started at the MISFITS Team Trivia Challenge where the team I was a part of did well enough to not be eliminated in the written preliminaries. We also comported ourselves fairly well during the live competition until the "Jeopardy" round. At that point, the defending runners-up took over and stomped all over us and the other two teams. I'm glad I helped out with my answers to the "Its [sic] Greek to Me" category, all that mythology in grade school was of use.

Then it was off to the bachelor party of a friend who is probably the least likely of any of my friends to ever have a bachelor party. He being a gaming geek, the night was not your "typical" booze and strippers but was instead food, drink and He-Man Battletech. Got to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a while as my schedule got all wonky over the winter. Still, Battletech isn't really my game so...

I then headed off to the home of some friends who promised freezie drinks after a dinner at Buca's. I'd missed dinner, of course, with other obligations, but hanging out and drinking with friends is always fun. There were indeed friends and drinks at the gathering. Much hilarity ensued and I was there until about lunchtime (i.e., 3:00 a.m.).

Back home, I received the email from the Minicon programming department that spelled out the schedule for the convention. This will be handy for putting together the pocket program over the next couple of days. I'm waffling right now between trying to squeeze it onto one sheet of legal paper, which will necessitate some trimming of information, and producing three pocket programs, one for each day of convention programming, allowing lots more information but being less convenient.

I spent all Sunday sleeping with brief forays of watching the Twins sweep the Toronto Blue Jays. Glad they are back to .500 and looking forward to my first game of the season on Tuesday night. I'll miss out on Friday's game vs. the Yankees because I'll be at Minicon but that just means I'll have to have enough fun to make up for it. With daedala's LJ party that night, it's bound to be easy to do that.

Tomorrow I've got Some Things To Do. It'll be a stressful day. Wish all involved as easy a time as possible.

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