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This level of productivity... brought to you by the makers of Ritalin.

So very sleepy today. No good reason for it. I stayed up a bit late but went out for a big breakfast. Got home and crashed with a snuggly dog, slept very well. Got up, started watching the Twins game, snoozed off an on through that. (Baseball on TV has that effect on me.)

Yet, at 10:30 p.m., when it was time to get ready and get to work, I had no energy and wanted nothing more than to crawl back into bed.

Fortunately, there's better living through chemistry. I have a Ritalin prescription for my mild narcolepsy. I don't usually take it as I no longer have the kind of long commute that I used to fall asleep during. Occasionally, I'll hit a sleepy wall at work, struggle along and get by with a quick M&M snack or some food.

Tonight, though, I took 10mg when I left the house and have another 10mg with me, should it become necessary. I'm awake, but not at tip-top efficiency. Still a bit groggy if I have to do heavily-detailed work. Fortunately, things are pretty slow. There's a few jobs due Saturday, but most everything we're working on is due Monday. I can take my time and if I don't get everything finished, it won't have a big impact.

I am definitely not staying late today. I've got in about 8 hours of overtime this week. (This will come in handy when I contract a strange illness next week, Friday, and will be unable to come into work.) And I've got a ton of things to do tomorrow so I'll need all the sleep I can get.

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