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Impending weekend

Feels like it should be Friday already. (OK, I know it is Friday, but you have to factor in my schedule. It's still Thursday's work-day for me.) I've got so many things going on this weekend and early next week that I'll probably need a weekend to recover from it.

Of course Minicon looms on the horizon, so there'll be no recovery at this time. I'm going to start on the pocket program tomorrow and email programming tonight to see if they've got anything they'd like to have in it. Heh.

A friend is having his bachelor party on Saturday. I should swing in for a few minutes if nothing else. So many things going on, though that I'll likely not stay for long, though.

A friend is organizing a dinner outing to Buca's, which sounds like it'd be fun. Good people to hang with, plenty to eat, a little wine.

I'm also participating in the trivia challenge thing going on at the Radisson South on Saturday. It starts at 3:00, IIRC, for preliminary rounds. If the team I'm on does well (I'm not planning on it) there'll be more to do later in the afternoon (which then begins to impede on other activities). So I'll do my best but don't expect it to be an all-day thing.

Got some stuff scheduled for next week already and need to look into getting in to see my GP. Ericka wants me to try out a different anti-depressant as she's noticing me being more stressed lately. (What does she expect!?) So I'll talk to my doc about it; maybe up my current dosage or try something new.

Was tempted to commute to work on my bike today. Was gorgeous this afternoon. By time to go to work, however, it had dropped off quite a bit and I bet it'll be down-right chilly in the morning. Still, that means there'll be the pull to get out and ride on the weekend, too. So much to do, so little sleep.

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