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Just what I needed

As my life spins about a bit chaotically I really needed a relaxing night at work and that seems to be just what I've got. The earliest due time we've got cooking is 10:00. The job I spent the first half of work getting ready isn't due until 16:00. Now I've got a nice downhill slide of working on bits and pieces of jobs on the board until it's time to go home.

Then I'm off to drewan's to pick up materials for the Minicon pocket program book. Have to remember to swing by his site for directions before I leave.

Ericka has her second biopsy late yesterday. A skin biopsy. She had a fairly gruesome description of the procedure that made me wince in sympathy. I went and dug up a favorite old teddy bear to help support her sore boob in bed. She said her doctor approved of bear therapy. I tried to cheer her up with the prospect that, due to needing a couple of sutures after they were done, she might end up with a bitchin' boob scar. That worked for a bit.

Reports from Mincon hospitality sound good. Stuff is getting ordered and plans are in the works. Sounds like all the chapbooks are printed. I know one is already collated and bound and I suspect the others will be at the Thursday work party. Hope the other departments are going as smoothly.

And the universe keeps throwing its little curveballs into my life. The unexpected comes quite unexpectedly sometimes. I feel balanced somehow, though, as if things are coming from all directions while I sit sedately in the eye of the storm.

And to end it off, I've got tickets to three Twins games this month! One is the Friday or Saturday of Minicon (the 19th?) I think, so I'll have to miss that one. I'm sure I an find someone to pawn the tickets off on. Have to give my friend Fitz a call and see if he wants to go the 15th. And the 30th is the other game. They seem nicely spaced so I hope the rest of the season's are as well.

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