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One step forward...

Well, the doctors still don't know anything about Ericka's recent problem. The biopsy didn't turn up anything, no word back on the cultures. So they've scheduled her for skin biopsies tomorrow; these don't sound pleasant at all. She'll probably be sore for several days after, poor thing.

It's nice to see, however, the many friends that are stepping up to be supportive. People asked about her at mizzlaurajean's party Saturday. She got cards from people at Courage Center (where she goes to swim). Several people are keeping her in their prayers.

I'm holding up well. Partially because, for me, this isn't much of a change. Ericka has medical procedures and appointments all the time. The only difference is that what they're looking for now. That's scary and I have to take a minute now and then to breathe deep and get some perspective. Then it's back into the many little details that are living daily life.

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