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The mysteries of cat gymnastics

When I arrived home today, I took care of a couple of house chores that were kind of related. I needed to clip the cat's claws and, having finished that, decided that she needed a good brushing. The amount of fur given off in the clipping was evidence enough of that.

After a good brushing I and the bedclothes were covered in cat fur. Add in muddy dog paws from the last visit of our friends' dogs, and it was definitely time to change the sheets.

So I set about stripping the bed and the cat, of course, decided this was a great game. In particular, as I flooped covers off, making billowy air pockets beneath them, she took this as a sign that these pockets should be pounced upon.

I, of course, helped with this game by taking time to make extra billowy parts as I took off the sheets. The cat got more and more vigorous in pouncing on the air pockets. She would leap! and drop on a big pocket, sending it scattering to the four winds. With blistering speed, she chose one of the escaping wafts and tracked it to the edge of the sheet where she mauled it within an inch of its fabricy life.

Step and repeat.

Then it was time to get the covers back on the bed. This involved getting the various sheets and blankets spread across the bed alternating with getting the cat out from under them.

When it came time to spread the quilt over the top, the cat crouched in readiness. With a high toss I spread the quilt out and she leapt! Stretching herself to her full length and getting a good foot off the bed, meowing in effort as she endeavored to bring this huge flying beast to ground in her sweeping claws.

It settled atop her and she sat, quiet for a time until she slinked with what dignity she could muster from beneath its expanse.

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