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One piece of good news

Ericka got a call from the Breast Center today. Partial results from the biopsy were back and they could tell her that they area they had biopsied did not have a malignancy. The results of the other cultures are not back yet so, at this point, we don't really know anything about what is going on. We do know, however, that there is not cancer in that spot.

My only worry is that Inflammatory Breast Cancer, which is what it is supposed that Ericka would have if she had any form, doesn't form lumps and so would seem to me to be hard to discover by biopsy.

For now, however, I'm relieved and Ericka is disoriented. She was more than half thinking that the results would show cancer. So now she doesn't know what to think and some part of her wonders if what is wrong is something worse. Silly bear.

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