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Quickie on the way out

Just waiting to get a job back from QC and then I'm outta here.

An uneventful day, the highlight of which was the cupcakes they gave us to celebrate surviving the weeks of peak. I got three. People 'round here don't eat enough cupcakes. Snagged some free juice and soda too.

That's the one good thing about peak. They do tend to feed us decently. Plus, with working longer shifts you can easily get in on the previous or following shift's food as it comes around.

Two things I want to get done today:
  1. Email myself the PDFs for the Minicon chapbook so I can print them tomorrow.
  2. Pull the bike down from storage, lube it up and take it out for a spin.
That should be pretty easy, even after a good morning's sleep.

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