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I've been remiss in writing lately but then, well, things impeded.

First there's work. The Powers That Be have decided we need to update the look of our web site again. To be fair, there were some usability issues that needed addressing and with a relatively new "brand image" an update was inevitable. The bums made me do DHTML, though. I fought it, believe me. Too much of that stuff is used lamely; kind of this net.generation's <BLINK> in some ways. Don't get me wrong, there are good implementations and the latest browsers are so close to implementing the standards as to make coding for them relatively painless. We're not in a position to be turning people away due to their browser version, though. And given that a large portion of our audience is international, adoption of the most recent versions is far from complete. At least the latest news from our stats is that 95+% of the users are on a 4.0+ version browser, finally. Still, coding CSS and JavaScript for Netscape 4 is such a pain. It's all document.layers this and x.PageY that. As if that wasn't enough, IE 5.0 (as opposed to 5.5) is just different enough to require a few special if statements. Suffice to say that it took me the better part of a week and a couple of late nights to get a mostly-working prototype ready for testing this week.

On top of it all, I came down with a bug. I was mostly OK up to the day after my birthday. At that point the crud that had nearly caused me sweetie to ask me to take her to the hospital (something she's only done once before that I recall) grabbed on to my immune system and started wreaking havoc. I spaced out my regular wargame on Thursday between having to work late and achieving object-at-rest status on the couch at home. The volume of fluid moving through my sinuses kept me awake most of three nights making Friday work hell and Saturday one of those days to sit in front of the TV, praise the gods of Tivo and fortify one's immune system with echinacea tea and Oreo cookies. I missed out on the party of some friends of mine because I was so wiped out. I finally sweated some of the thing out of me and was half myself on Sunday. A decent night's sleep and I'm on the uphill climb out of this thing.

Got a dishwasher over the weekend too. Something Ericka's been bugging me about for a while now. It'll make things easier 'round the house but was tough getting. Hard to choose between the shiny boxes at the appliance store when you're so tired and just wish they sold recliners too. But my friend David and I got it done. He also picked up a small counter-top dishwasher for himself. We'll be needing to get ours installed so Ericka's currently jealous of his instant gratification.

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