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Back to the regular

Yep, it's another "Peter's at work and bored" posting. Seems that all I'm here for is to clear the schedule so that Monday's filings will have top priority as everyone tries to get things done at the last minute. Can't say as I'm real motivated by that.

Our schedule shows 17 jobs due between now and Tuesday morning. There will be more that come in for last-minute filing (including late-filing notices), of course, but of those 17, 7 have any possibility of me needing to work on them. As I look over my shoulder at the bins holding the work, I can see that all of them have their bits in proofreading. So nothing for me to do.

Nice to get caught up on LJ, send off some email and like that. And nice to be getting paid over time (having already put in over 60 hours this week) to have a relatively relaxing night. I'll probably be sent home in another hour or so if work doesn't pick up magically. I could use the sleep, so that wouldn't be so bad.

I'm not working Sunday night, which will feel a little weird. I'm too tired to even hope that there's a party or something to go to. I have to drop some paper off at daedala's in the morning and then I'm at loose ends.

Sleep. Sleep will be good. Monday afternoon, I can start digging out from the pile of stuff that needs doing and has been put on hold because of all the work. Later this week, I need to get my bike down from winter storage and get it all checked out to start commuting. Probably get a ride or two in if the weather isn't horrible. Got some cooler-weather gear from REI earlier this week that will be spiffy to try out if it stays dry and cool.

For now, I'll take this slow-down as time to check in with friends. Check some web sites, Google about a bit, see what's up on Amazon, REI and some other places.

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