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Breather, thanks to the printer

Busy, busy at work. In the middle of printing up two large jobs that were supposed to be done at 7:00. Seeing as no one has looked at their HTML component yet (despite it having gone through 11 proof cycles previously), we recommitted the job for 8:00. It'll take me half that to get it printed!

Well, at least it gives me a brief chance to check email and LJ. Good to see you folks are still out there.

Latest with Ericka is that she's schedule for a biopsy on Wednesday. We're told the results come back in 48 hours so it'll be Friday before we hear one way or another if the difficulty she's having is cancer.

Did some Googling around breast cancer and found some stuff out. The type of cancer that Ericka might have is "Inflammatory" breast cancer. This is a rare form, making up only 1-4% of the breast cancers reported. Treatments are, reportedly, changing all the time but typically follow two courses of chemotherapy, radical mastectomy and radiation treatments to the chest wall.

Not at all pleasant.

The good news is that while she was initially told there was something like a 2-year survival expectation for patients with this type of cancer, the stats I found say there is a 40% survival rate to five years. Those may not be mutually exclusive stats, but it sounds a bit more hopeful when expressed in the latter way.

Ericka's seeming mostly resigned to her fate though she occasionally goes into hyperdrive cure mode; bombarding her possible illness with any and all possibilities in hopes the shotgun approach will find something that will work. I keep telling her to stay calm and to wait until we find out the results of the biopsy. No sense going off half-cocked; we don't even know what we're shooting at yet.

I'm guessing Wednesday through Friday next week are going to be hell.

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