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Offically worried

Woke up at 5:00 and Ericka wasn't home. I knew she had a doctor's appointment today. Her PCA was here sometime around 10:00 this morning to take her off. I thought I'd heard them come home sometime in there so initially thought they must have decided it was a nice day and were out gallivanting about, or at the library or went out to eat or something.

No word by 6:00 so I figured I should check in and called E's cell. No answer, left a message.

Tried again at 7:00. Still no answer. Also no call back.

This is likely exactly how Ericka felt when I was out so late the other night. Only I don't have the problems getting around she does. Not fun.

I'm sure she's fine, it's just worrisome not knowing. Particularly since I need to be at work at 9:00 tonight, leaving just a short time to deal with any house stuff between waking and working. A time that is swiftly dwindling.

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