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Just the ticket

A little gathering for minnehaha K's birthday was just the kind of social thing I was looking for, as I suspected it would turn out to be. Many of the usual suspects, including laurel, kaustin, pegkerr, daedala, elisem and 90_percent_sure (in order of noticing) were in attendance.

There was much good cake and ice cream.

And daffodils, my lord, were there daffodils. K said she'd called up Bachman's and asked if they had 500 and that they'd replied "what for?" Well, the effect was lovely. The whole house had a festy-springy feeling about it.

I'm not quite "weekend in the hills" recharged, but given the short time and opportunity, I think this is the best I'll do. I'm thinking I'll get in more nap this evening as I'm feeling a bit dozy right now. There's likely something worth falling asleep to on the TiVo and the couch is plenty comfy.

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