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Social practices

Seein' as I have this hankerin' to be social, I'm wondering how other folks handle this kind of thing. It seems I'm usually calling up friends at the last minute and finding them busy. (Then I get discouraged about getting any socializing in and think I'm bothering folks and then get all hermit-y and stop calling.)

What I find unusual is that friends only rarely call me. I'll get email or LJ invites to general gatherings, of course, but few folks call me up and invite me out for a beer or something. I can't remember the last time someone showed up and hauled me off to do some impromptu fun.

While fun when it works, there are all those grown-up reasons for why it won't work. Still, it'd be nice to be asked now and again.

Perhaps it's been the season and I just don't remember last Spring/Summer/Fall well enough to know that I was getting invites left and right.

And there's definitely some tunnel vision going on as I can think now of several times where I've had several social events in short periods of time.

Probably, I'm just feeling isolated because I've been working long hours all week. By the end of next week, I'll be ready for Minicon!

Anyone have rituals or ideas they practice when they want to be social but no-one else seems to want to be?

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