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Another Saturday night

And I'm working. Darned peak.

And it's not even "working" working which mostly consists of sitting around, surfing the net, chatting with the proofreaders, generally just being on the clock waiting for something to happen.

We've got actual stuff to do. The good thing is that we've worked through a lot of it already and are now working on stuff that is due Monday morning.

I just keep thinking that this will be at least eight hours of additional overtime, which will come in handy, as money always does. I might be scheduled to work 10 hours, even; more money is good.

I've got a real hankerin' to be social. My co-workers are nice enough but one of the ways I keep my sanity here is to get very heads-down and crank away on what I'm working on. When I'm not distracted, I'm not thinking about how much better my job could be. So I get in an occasional chit-chat, but that's about it.

There is a thing to do tomorrow, so I hope that'll satisfy me on that front.

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