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Hangin' on by a thread

I'm very run down this evening. I've got another three hours to put in and plenty of work to do but I'm not in top form by a long shot. The weariness of the long days is catching up with me and my efficiency is slipping. I spent about three hours today prepping a big job for the crew that probably should have taken two at most.

I'm sending a job to our Orange County office now, in plenty of time for its 9:30 due time. The plenty of work to do is all due after this. Most of it is for Sunday night or Monday morning. So I've got a long night and no really urgent work to do yet.

I feel like I'll get home in the morning, go to sleep and not wake up until Sunday. Of course, I'm scheduled to work Saturday night, so that won't work. Looking forward to a gathering on Sunday, though, that sounds like it will be just the ticket. Friends, food, flowers. What more could one want?

So I'll keep that vision in my head as I plow through more dull financial documents. Hope the sun peeks out Sunday....

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