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Those waitin' on the printer blues

It's that time again. Printing out some big job and taking a couple of seconds to update my journal.

Here it is, Thursday. I'm getting pretty darned tired of the week. It's nice having lots of work to do, but I'm of the opinion that lots of work on eight-hour days is better than lots of work on 10-hour days. While next week features 12-hour days, it also features several days of free food and soda. So there's a trade off. This week, it's just work, work, work.

Someone should do something special for me on Sunday. I'm just sayin'.

Got to catch the last installment of SciFi's Children of Dune thanks to the trusty Tivo. I'm not impressed enough by their retelling of the story to go re-read the books. But I also don't remember them well enough from my last re-reading to pass judgment on the job they did. I do think they didn't do stillsuits nearly as well as the previous miniseries.

Also caught this week's Angel. I'm a bit disappointed in whatever it is that's being the baddie. I hoped for a harder time of things this week. As it was, it felt very deus ex witchina.

All printed out and back to work.

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