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Server lagg

So tonight's breather is provided to you by the server used for composing our typeset output and HTML submissions. It was down completely earlier tonight so I'm guessing we're running on a back-up system and taxing the poor little bugger to no end until IT guys show up at 8:00 a.m.

It's a mysterious time, this busy period at work. I get enough sleep but I get very little else done. It's work, sleep, maybe two hours of recreation (TV, reading, computer game, whatever) and then it's time to get ready to go to work (which includes eating, making sure Ericka eats, getting Ericka set for the night, letting the dog out and back in, packing up snacks and music for me). So on the one hand I feel very busy and productive but on the other I feel like things are sliding away slowly. I have, for example, a new batch of bills to pay waiting for me. (Thankfully most of those are on-line so I can take care of them during lulls like this.)

Sadly, this is also a time where I'd like to be better using my time. I have some house and home computer projects that are waiting for me to have Copious Free Time. Spring is sprung so I'd like to get my bike in shape and ready to start commuting to work again. (Which also means taking advantage of my REI dividend to expand my bike equipment and clothing.) Minicon looms and there's always something or another to do with that. I have vacations to plan, which means getting my finances in order again. And then there's some personal time I'd like to have more of.

Thankfully, peak only comes four times a year. :)

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