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Bad me

Got to the MN-Stf meeting today. Stayed long enough to hear who won the board election and then headed off. The plan was to be out and about getting home sometime between 10:00 and midnight to let the dog out, get Ericka her drugs and like that.

Well, 2:00 a.m. rolled around and there I was. Still not home. Not a good thing.

Finally got home about 4:00 to a very upset Ericka. She'd been worried and upset because she's been sick and it's hard for her to let the dog out.

So I need to get better about time and noticing it and planning ahead of events if it looks like I'll be running late.

I very much dislike being irresponsible. Must be more vigilant in the future. Also, leaving Ericka phone numbers if I know where I'll be. Making sure that my cell is set to ring, not just vibrate so that I'll notice if I miss calls. These are all things to make it better but I'm still sad it went so wrong for her tonight.

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