Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Achey night

Got a hitch in my shoulder from some reason. Probably has to do with this big job I've been working on two hours without a break. (Thus this post, it being a break.)

Ericka now seems to have come down with the crud that's making the rounds. She had a fever today and was pretty wiped out most of the day. If only we weren't busy at work tonight, I'd be home taking care of her. Thankfully, she'll probably sleep all night which means that a) she won't need me and b) she'll be healing up.

Crossing fingers that people who have the crud recover quickly and those that have been spared don't contract it.

Printed the final draft of the Minicon chapbook I'm preparing. Going to photocopy it to make it double-sided and have one of the proofreaders here give it the once-over. Next on the agenda: design the cover.

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