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The long prospect

Ahh, the ennui of a long night without work. How desperately anxious it is, calling me to fill it with activity of some sort. Maybe I'll get some ice cream from the vending machine when I finish this.

I've been meandering lately about what to do with my work situation. I'm OK here and I get paid decently, if not quite at the level I've grown accustomed to. There are some prospects for advancement, but they're pretty far down the pike. As you can probably tell by the tone of my posts, I'm not married to this job in any way. If something better came along, I'd drop it in a heartbeat.

I've got a resume that I send out to folks that have openings that look like I'm qualified for. I think I have an interesting set of skills and there are things that I'd love to do that are happening out there. I don't fit into a nice little box for corporate America, though. I bridge gaps so it takes someone with vision to hire me. In one way, this is bad, because so many people lack vision. On the other hand, it's good, because it means that the people I end up working with have vision.

I've recently had thoughts of changing the direction of my career radically. During the party at MarsCon at the beginning of the month, mizzlaurajean and I shared a brief moment in which we both agreed that the setting up of the party was the part we enjoyed most. I'd expand on that to say that setting up and hosting is the part I like about a party. You would think there'd be a job out there for someone that does that well.

So far I've been looking at party and event planning. This appears, however, to be an industry that is dominated by small independent contractors or people that work for a big corporation. Neither of these seem to suit me well. I'm a poor enough salesperson to make selling myself a chore, which bodes ill for the independent contractor gig. And, as with the above, me and corporate America don't mix well.

Hmm. You know, my buddy Bob end up having a lot of parties throughout the year. There are employee appreciation functions for his store, parties in conjunction with convention visits, things like that. I doubt they need someone full time, but they might be willing to throw me a bone on a couple of gigs to get my feet wet. I'll ask about that.

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