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Miracles of efficiency

I'm sure that it's my familiarity with PageMaker and lack thereof with Quark.

After working on a chapbook for Minicon for a couple of months, I finally got serious about getting the layout done this weekend. I know that work will be busy the next few weeks so I'll have little time to work on this. I got things mostly roughed out in Quark using one set of fonts that were close to what I wanted. Then I installed the PostScript fonts I really wanted to use and went to restyle things. Quark running in Classic mode on my iBook would not find the fonts for all my trying. And PDFs I tried to create were coming out crappy, of course, because of the lack of the PostScript fonts.

In desperation, I downloaded the free trial of Adobe's new InDesign, native to OS X. In about two hours I had everything re-done in the fonts I wanted. So now I have a rough layout of the interior, a clear PDF and relative joy in working with this product. I can see some of the Quark-like parts of it (which is a good thing), but its handling of the things that I wanted was much cleaner and more organized. I am so tempted to shill out the $700 for this program after this single use; can't afford that, however, and don't have any practical long-terms use for it at this point.

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