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Dirty weather

This is, by far, the part of the year I like least; in as far as looks go. Sure, winter sucks, with its dark and its cold. But it at least is occasionally pretty. Either with fluffy snow falling or the bare limbs of trees limned with white. And now and again it kicks out a bitingly cold, clear day. You could see forever if the glare off the snow wasn't blinding you just then.

But these first days of spring are just dirty. The winter's worth of sand accumulates along the roads and sidewalks. Nothing is green yet, even the conifers seemed grey. As the roads collapse under the pressure of freezing and thawing, graveyards of hubcaps accumulate at strategic points on the highway. The melting snow reveals a season's worth of pet excrement which combines with whatever vegetation remained before the snowfall to provide a rotting counterpoint to the warming breezes.

I've long maintained that spring should be heralded by two solid days of warm, heavy, steady rain. Melt all the snow, wash all the sand and salt and muck off the streets. The grass will still be grey, but with a warm infusion, would start growing quickly, relieving the tedium.

But a dream, I suppose. We're likely to get a bit of snow this week, and seem to be in for a few more weeks of this dingy existence. I can only hold out the joys of blooms, birds, and warm weather to maintain hope.

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