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Well the Saw Doctors seem to have been everything the build-up said they would be. I picked up a t-shirt and a CD (not theirs, though, the side-project one; I wanted to get their first one first) so I'd have change for parking. Ran into the expected crowd including kalikanzara, the birthday boy, laurel, who looked good being out-of-the-house and whom I thought smelled of sugar cookies for some odd reason, kaustin, who looked good next to Laurel, daedala to whom I gave a ride home, and minnehaha, being both of themselves.

K&B secured down-front positions for the opening bands. I sauntered in during the break between acts. I was, probably owing to my experience with the annual mosh pit at the BiL show, put in charge of stopping two particularly enthusiastic and inebriated lady fans from jumping all over minnehahaK and daedala and keeping the front of the stage clear for our little group to see. I got labeled an "asshole" for standing my ground against the constant onslaught but kept the peace for most of the show. As soon as I left for work, it looked like the sight lines broke down.

Overall, an OK experience, despite the lunging, bumping bodies. Good music and most of the folks seemed quite nice. I'll definitely be looking up these guys' CDs.

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