Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Partyful weekend

So I hosted the MN-Stf/Minicon/Mpls in '73 party at MarsCon this weekend. Was out there later than I wanted to be to start the party on both days but things still went pretty well. Friday was pretty laid back, which is what I wanted and seemed to be indicative of the entire party floor. Saturday there were more people at the party for its duration though after about 2:00 a.m. or so, things slowed down again. Bunches of friends stayed late; I finally kicked the last guy out at 7:00-ish each day.

In a bizarre happenstance that probably only happens in SF fandom, I ended up with more party supplies than I started with. That is, I bought three 12-packs of beer and hard lemonade for the party. I had three and a half when I was done. I bought three 12-packs of pop. I had no fewer than five when I was done as well as four unopened 2-liter bottles of pop. I bought a big bag of pretzels and a big box of chips; I had both of those plus at least four other bags of chips left over. Dips and bread and cookies and peeps fell from the sky and supplemented the supplies. We had a great spread.

Good to see so many of my friends there. My buddy Bob had a party room right around the corner so that whole circle of my friends swung by. (Usually because I had better liquor than they did. ;) My scotch buddies were around for the con, so they hung out. Several LJ people/fans stopped by too, including (in no particular order) drewan, rvrjoe775, daedala, 90_percent_sure, davidschroth, mizzlaurajean, and envoy.

I'm pretty much ready to do it all again. Such big fun.

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