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Busy, busy, busy

Got a call earlier this evening from work. Seems they got busy unexpectedly and wanted to know if I could come in early. This is the day I usually come in later and stay later so I was not inclined to come in early. If I'd gotten decent sleep Tuesday, I might have thought about it, but decided to stay home and hang with my sweetie, watchin' the TiVo and such.

The reason I didn't sleep on Tuesday was that I was psyched up to attend the LJ meetup. Of course, this worked against me as I slept later in the afternoon. Didn't wake up until I had to go to work. This was good for work, but bad for me as I was really looking forward to the meetup. anney came by the MN-Stf pool party after my constant nagging and had, I think, a good time and I'd promised to make it to the meetup in return. Don't like letting people down.

Work has been busy lately. I'm in a routine of getting "special" jobs when I come in. Yesterday it was a Quark file that was converted poorly. Today it was a big job (244) pages that needed to be checked for style irregularities.

At least they know I rock.

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