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Peter's Wacky Iraqi Idea

Let's say the Iraqi government does not comply and cooperate with the latest U.N. resolution and that the weapons inspector's report, due March 1, is very negative. Here's an idea that I could support that comes short of all-out war.

(I acknowledge, in advance, that my idea involves risks to U.S. servicemen and women that may be greater than those in a war.)
  1. The entire country of Iraq becomes a "no fly" zone. Any non-authorized military or civilian aircraft will be warned away, to land immediately or will be destroyed.
  2. The U.S. military, with whatever help is offered by other countries will occupy a "section" of Iraq. How big a section is depends on the resources available. No travel of any kind will be allowed into or out of the section for the duration of the operation.
  3. U.N. weapons inspectors will be granted access to any and all facilities within the section they wish. Any resistance to the access will be met with deadly force.
  4. Any weapons or materials found within the section that are in breach of the U.N. resolutions will be impounded for destruction.
  5. When a section is inspected to the satisfaction of the U.N. inspectors, another section will be similarly secured. While travel out of a section that has been inspected will be allowed, no travel into the section will be permitted.
It seems to me that this is a rational way verify to the world's satisfaction whether or not Iraq has these weapons and, if it does, to remove the threat without endangering the lives of civilians and without depriving the people of Iraq of their sovereignty.

Reaction? Opinion?

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