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Bedtime for Bonzo

A nice day today. Got up about when I wanted to. Got dinner for Ericka and zipped over to St. Paul to pick up my friend Jeff.

We tooled down to Canterbury Park, the local card club/race track, having a nice conversation on the way. He covets my iPod. We made a brief stop to exchange holiday gifts with my brother and his wife. After Ericka's sudden health problem about Christmas-time, this was the first time I was down that way.

Poker went well for both Jeff and I; better for him. I was up $100 by evening's end while he was up over $150. After registration for Con of the North, meals out this weekend and miscellaneous expenses, I'm up $45 for the weekend and had a great time.

Jeff came back and crashed here as the people he was sharing a hotel with at the con weren't staying Sunday night. I had hoped his west coast schedule would have kept him up long enough to chat more or watch a movie, but he crashed in favor of not sleeping through the brunch date he has with mutual friends.

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