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A fun, wasteful day

Well, I got part of what I wanted to do done today.

I made it over to Con of the North, which continues tomorrow. I brought some of my miniatures along, thinking that I could likely get a game with a friend or two in. I saw many friends when I arrived.

It's always gratifying to go into a crowded place, wander around a couple of minutes and get a hug from someone you know. Ran into my friend, Jeff who was playing Car Wars while he visited from L.A. Got to playtest a game he's designing a little later. Watched my friend Bob whoop up on our friend Crowe and then got to my own little whomping on Crowe a little later.

It was getting late by then and I was overdue at home. After checking with Ericka, I went out to dinner with a few of the guys. Had a lackluster pasta and plenty of fun conversation.

Back home, I settled in to catch a few good things off the TiVo and a few Zs. Was far to late to wander off to the music party that was happening. Hope it went well and that the hosts enjoyed it enough to do again.

Tomorrow, Jeff and I are hooking up to play some poker in the evening. I'm not sure when his flight out is but hope we can get in a solid six hours at the tables, at least.

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