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Lost days - Peter Hentges

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February 19th, 2003

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02:27 am - Lost days
I think I contracted some sort of virus over the weekend. I spent most of Saturday and all, and I mean all, of Sunday sleeping. Monday I had a sour stomach and was still sleepy when it came time to go to work. Tuesday a.m. I didn't sleep well but, after dinner with daedala, I got in a good nap before having to get to work.

Some of this must be stress related. There's busy-ness at work, bills to pay, the mortgage to refinance, taxes to file and Ericka's on-going health difficulties. I hold up well most of the time but I think things compounded with a minor bug to eat up the weekend and a day for me.

I need to work out priorities and schedule my big rocks for the remainder of the week. I'll make that, what the Franklin-Covey people call "Planning and Solitude," priority A1 for tomorrow.
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: Finnegan's Wake--Wylde Nept--Live in 3-D

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