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Sleep to Dream

It appears my peculiar brand of narcolepsy has started acting up again. For those following along at home, this means that rather than get the deep, restful sleep that most people get for 90% of their sleep period, I spend about 30 minutes asleep, pop into REM sleep and remain there the rest of the night. The result is that I don't get the sleep I need and my body, in an effort to catch up, has me doze off whenever it's handy. (Thankfully my current commute is too short for effective napping....)

Yesterday "morning," i.e., about 6:30 p.m., Ericka had to wake me up to fulfill an obligation. Scott Raun was stopping by to pick up the left-over party supplies from last week for the MN-Stf meeting today. In doing so she interrupted the following dream:

It started with a Lost in Space/Gilligan's Island scenario in which three groups of people ended up lost in the wrong place. For one pair, a boy and his younger brother, it was getting lost in the woods. For another pair, a man and woman, both astronauts, it was splashing down in their space capsule at the wrong coordinates for an exercise. For the third group, a family, they wandered in somehow. (It was a dream, see, not long on the explanations.)

The three groups ended up around the same big campfire that none of them had lit. The family group knew that this fire had been built by what they called "trolls." The scenery shifted a bit and there was a big King Kong-esque palisade around part of the area now. It had video cameras mounted on it and there was a building, a ranger station of some sort, nearby.

Whether this was a prison or a research station was not clear. What the humans did know was that these trolls were dangerous. They got about scrounging up weapons, including some puny firearms (BB guns, and a small caliber shotgun), and preparing for the eventual, inevitable arrival of the trolls.

Not long after nightfall, one showed up. They briefly battled it, but it became abundantly clear that while the "troll" looked basically human, it was faster and stronger than the humans. After disarming the group, the troll made its way to the ranger station/house. For reasons that only make sense in dreams, the house was populated by a couple of guys and a bevy of horror movie girls (genetically selected for large breasts and piercing screams). The troll broke in, demonstrated its abilities while subduing one of the guys and then showed off a couple more. It could turn invisible and could also fold itself up into small spaces. This one crawled into the refrigerator unbeknownst to the bimbo making a midnight snack. It seemed clear that it intended mayhem later.

Back with the group outside, they watch as more trolls arrive and begin to ransack the house. We think no bimbos survive. (Bob would be proud.)

About this time a boss troll shows up and gathers the humans. They are not killed but are made slaves in the troll society. Said society being based on strength and, thus, has a very traversable hierarchy. One of the boss troll's main henchman is human. He makes some crack about going to the workout camp of the male astronaut and finding it lightweight. The humans are shown, via comparisons on exercise equipment, that the trolls are vastly superior. I think this is designed to discourage escape.

The whole gang goes off in the caravan of the trolls. A caravan of rhino-drawn yurts.

There are a few Gor-esque episodes of the noble brutality of the trolls and their society. Then, one day, as the caravan rests near a lake at the base of a large hill, another yurt caravan draws near.

Suddenly, there is a scramble to hide. Most of the humans are hidden inside large mutant turtles. The turtles are intelligent and, if they recognize you, allow you to climb inside their copious shells.

Turns out this new caravan belongs to the king troll which this boss troll serves. The boss is not supposed to have as many slaves as he does as this makes him a potential threat to the king. With the humans safely hidden in the turtles, the king takes his yurts and heads off.

While preparations for moving on, away from the king, are made, one of the recently captured humans points out to the boss that if he really wanted to make a name for himself that he could build a castle on the hill. The trolls don't know from castles so this is explained briefly and the boss thinks it's a good concept. He has the caravan stick around for a while to study the idea.

While he considers, there is a big meeting at a rudimentary building on the hill. All the trolls and humans are told to attend and there's a big scramble up the hill. On the way up, they are handed comic books about hoof-in-mouth disease.

The brains of the troll society have figured out that there is a problem with the rhino herd. They lay out some rhino hide, showing its bizarre red and white stripes and explain that this pattern means the critter is susceptible to heart disease. Turns out this is a genetic flaw of the herd. The boss troll doesn't want to hear this because it means that the sire of all the current herd, a mythic figure revered as a god, is flawed. Before he can get all huffy and violent on the smart guys though, a band of young trolls who do not want to give up their nomadic lifestyle rise up and try to overthrow the boss.

Being on a hill and in even a rudimentary building gives the boss and those loyal to him a great defensive advantage. This solidifies the castle idea. The dream shifts to a 10 Commandments, building the castle with slave labor motif.

About this time, Ericka woke me up. I helped Scott schlep stuff up from the basement and out to his car. I then recounted the story to Ericka. Then I drug out my laptop and wrote it down, just like it was. Now I pass it on to you.

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