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Brief flurry.

So work was busy the last couple of nights but is slow again tonight. It was nice to be busy for a bit. I got good strokes for having a positive attitude toward working. I'm not generally all that upbeat about work, in general, but when I'm here, I'd much rather be working than not. So I go looking for work and don't complain and am even excited when I get difficult jobs. After two days of particularly difficult jobs when I asked what sort of disaster I'd be getting tonight, my lead chuckled and told me we weren't even busy.

I got most of my bills paid yesterday, finally. I have three that I have to write out actual checks for. One of these days my billers will figure out that I pay them more on time when I can do so electronically. I mean, I'm current with my water bill for several months straight simply because I can now pay it online. Was particularly frustrating trying to pay the electric bill electronically but not being able to because I missed a payment or two and they kicked me off the plan. You'd think they'd have a one-time EFT option like the folks at Qwest. (Though they've made their process difficult as well; forcing me to set up and remember an ID separate from my phone number. Grr.)

Tomorrow, I need to get in touch with the host of this week's MN-Stf meeting and figure out how to get the left-overs from the pool party to that meeting/party. Probably end up going over there tomorrow night or Saturday morning. Hmm. Maybe they'll be willing to pick up....

Got a hankerin' to the boys, (that being Tramps & Hawkers) at their Lonely Hearts Benefit Show tomorrow night. I've heard through the grapevine that this is going to be an "all depressing love songs" show. The proceeds are going to the American Heart Association. All-in-all, sounds like a hoot.

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