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Work avoidance

So I'm on the downhill side of work. Here since about a quarter to eleven I have about two and a quarter hours left to go. Got the two jobs that are due by 4:00 and the one that's due by 6:00 out the door. (Well, one of the 4:00 ones is in for Quality Check and will probably be a little late, but that's a lot better than I expected.)

Tomorrow is bills day. I'm waiting to hear back from a mortgage company in LA about refinancing but have enough to pay a couple of months mortgage payment on the current loan in any case.

After I'm done with the bills, I'll start in on taxes. I have all the stuff I need for it now, just need to get on the doing of them.

After taxes comes anticipation for Con of the North and corresponding visit by my friend Jeff. We've got a trip to the local poker room planned for that Sunday, should be fun.

Well, that killed about 10 minutes. Better get back to work.

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