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What I wanted

I started slogging through the text of Colin Powell's presentation to the U.N. Security Council. After 20 minutes I started skimming. When I got to the bottom of a very long page and saw the link to go to "Part 2" of his presentation I despaired.

I wanted, really I did, to have irrefutable evidence presented to me in a way I could understand. I wanted Cuba Missile Crisis photos. I wanted informants named. I wanted nothing held back. I wanted brevity.

Instead I got more hand-waving.

I want to believe that my government has good reasons to attack Iraq. I want to believe that they have better evidence than they are showing me.

Lacking that, I cannot support the actions of my government. I am glad that the troops that will, inevitably, be sent in will have every advantage we can give them. I can hope that civilian loss of life will be minimal.

I cannot, however, support this war nor an administration that feels it must foment it.

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