Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges


This has been another night where I've largely been paid to sit around. It doesn't help matters that I'm a bit tired.

Got a beverage earlier and discovered that what I thought was just a clever marketing campaign for 7-Up is, actually a different product. A green, caffeinated, more fruity-flavored product. Not horrid by any stretch, but I don't think I'll be doing that again. At least the caffeine will help keep me awake (seeing as I usually do no caffeine, I'm feeling a bit jittery).

Got mail off to the the MN-Stf natter list about the pool party. I'm sure it will go off well but I need to make a point of calling a few folks who aren't on the mailing list to make sure word gets out. I'm excited.

Also came up with a great idea for the poster theme for the MarsCon room party the first weekend in March: The Party Proletariat. I'm seeing posters with Soviet Rationalist images. Catchy slogans. Zeppelins. Got to track down an artist (got a couple of leads) and get working before time runs out.

Helped daedala today. My tasks mostly involved lifting heavy objects. I think she just wants me for my body. ;) (OK, most of the objects weren't that heavy and I did need brains to alphabetize.) Actually, I think the main help was in being there to "do things," producing a field of doing in which said things got done.

We had dinner at a local authentic Mexican place near her, Tacos Blas, I think was the name. Very tasty. The combination of cold beer and frosty mug they gave me caused an interesting beer iceberg in my glass and beer slushy where the head foamed over. No great harm and the food more than made up for it. Nicely seasoned steak in soft tacos and a chicken quesadilla that was quite lovely. Also, fresh salsa in two varieties that were both very flavorful.

Add in other events the rest of the month and I'll have to make sure to make time for it all. Fun, fun, fun.

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