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Puppy weather

For no good reason, I was awake in the early afternoon today. The nice thing was that I got to watch the snow starting. Big, fluffy flakes dropping straight down. laurel mentioned something about lighting a fire in her fireplace and it looked like a good day for just that.

My dog loves this weather. She just got back in from a short jaunt outside. She goes out, peruses the local terrain, sniffs the air, perhaps barks at an errant squirrel or other intruding noise. Then she settles into the white carpet covering the bit of deck we have in the back yard. She sits in classic sphinx pose, head up and alert as she's slowly coated with bits of white flake. By the time she's ready to come in, she's got a nice little coat of flakes collected on her guard hairs. We've taught her "shake" for when she comes in to remove the majority of them near the door. Still, a few cling, making her damp to pet for a bit before they melt and run off.

For this reason, and that she like frolicking in the snow, this is puppy weather. At least it is for my values of puppy.

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