Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Mission Accomplished

Made it to the MN-Stf meeting. Got there early, even. It was nice of Kinney and Gabbey to allow drewan and rvrjoe775 to have their friends over.

Got the CD to laurel.

Listened to the first nominations for the club's board. Sounded like the folks that are active enough to want to run things are still the same folks I remember. No one nominated that I didn't recognize. On the one hand, this is comforting because it means that things haven't changed much. On the other, it's a bit depressing because it means that things haven't changed much.

Had to sit through one awkward argument (on the difference between "consensus" and "corruption;" as if they were two sides of a coin, sheesh).

Successfully avoided too much talk about the shuttle tragedy. I think minnehahaB was right; there's just rehashing of the same stuff today, we'll know more tomorrow (or in a week).

Mostly avoided rehashing of the current bruhaha on the club's mailing list, though it did come up during the business meeting.

Saw daedala (and her cute potholder), as well as the aforementioned B, lending creedance to both their claim to have survived the vicious llamas of the downtown parking ramps and the necessity of having to sacrifice pegkerr to escape. Shame, that.

Also bumped into mizzlaurajean, davidschroth, lsanderson, and michaellee, as well as non-LJ friends.

Got in a viewing of Spy Kids and Me, Myself and Irene with Ericka after returning home for dinner. Neither were great, though it's always good to see Renée Zellweger. Someone should get her and Gillian Andersen in a film together....

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