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Back in the saddle

Back at work after the weekend festivities. Have tons of email to catch up with. Much LJ to catch up with. Life to catch up with.

The weekend was quite fun. We drank large amounts of good liquor, ate large amounts of good food, played large amounts of good game and watched large amounts of good movies. We even did pretty well at not destroying anything in the cabin this year.

The only fallout came after Saturday night's dinner. As I collapsed into a digestive sleep brought on by a lovely chicken curry and copious amounts of sherry and whiskey, I stretched out on the couch. Once asleep, I was, reportedly, quite grouchy. This is a common report of people trying to awake me once I am asleep so I am not surprised. As a result, I am confined to sleeping in an actual bed next year. Perhaps if I am not on a third shift schedule by then I'll not feel the pull of sleep so early in the evening. As it was, I got little sleep over the weekend. We'd all go to sleep at about 3:00 a.m. and I'd get up at about 6:30 a.m., the rest of the guys by about 10:00, then we'd stay up all day and do it all over again.

Still, all in all a good weekend.

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