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A day for lazy days

Unexpected guests this morning in the form of Ericka's friend Beth, her dog Abbey, and a caged bird meant that I got less sleep than anticipated. And Ericka got more activity than anticipated. All of that lead to canceling on daedala for today.

From the sound of things it sounds like the rest of the day went similarly for both of us. Not much accomplished on my end. I got the sleep that was interrupted by the early guests, which was good. I also got a mix CD edited and burned for laurel; now to work out delivery.

Other than that, I have been watching the TV I had cleverly TiVo'd for the evening's entertainment. Mostly movies on the SciFi channel. Nothing of great quality. I did like the first vignette in their original collection Shadow Realm. It dealt with a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder who believed that his increasingly complex rituals were all that was keeping the world ordered. Well the doc didn't believe him, medicated him, and the world went to hell. Very Twilight Zone and a good use of surrealism.

Snuck some dinner in there but didn't get out to the MinnStf meeting. Thought about going to the meeting as I haven't seen that circle of friends in a good while. It was late by the time I thought of it, however; I also thought of going to see who was at Kieran's tonight, but thought better of it as well.

Well, back to the couch for Brave New World and the new SciFi original, Control Factor.

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