Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

My brain scares me

As I drove home from work this evening, I was "forced" to listen to NPR. (Not my usual choice of radio, but as the one excellent radio station in the Twin Cities changed format last week, I am working on finding new radio.) In today's "All Things Considered..." (which is a great title for a new commentary show) they were talking about China and their problems with entry into the WTO.

Now I have friends that will tell me that the WTO is evil, but that's not the point. The deal is, China wants in. The U.S. (and others) want them allowed entry as a "developed" nation while China claims "developing" nation status. I'm not clear on the differences, but I gather they mean stronger restrictions on what China can do as it impacts trade. For example, they are being asked to drop subsidies to their rural farmers but fear doing so will result in widespread unrest.

As if all this wasn't bad enough, the U.S. President has apparently announced that he will sponsor an initiative in the U.N. chastising China for human rights violations next week. Also, there is news that he will authorize the sale of arms to Taiwan, over the objection of China.

So, upon hearing all this, my mind started spinning. Dubya, having backed off big defense spending increases in favor of concentrating on a tax cut for the rich, sees the opportunity to increase demand for weapons by increasing sales to Taiwan, a long-time friend. Also, if he points out human rights violations in China, he draws attention away from any domestic problems we might have. And a pro-industry move to only allow China into the WTO as a "developed" nation rounds out the set (though I'm guessing that policy he inherited).

After uttering a quick exclamation of praise to the Lord ("Jesus Christ!"), my mind leaped to the scariest of conclusions. Take the increased tension, toss in a faux pas and a public antagonistic statement by the President and there could be Chinese nuclear missiles headed our way. (And even if not, part of me thinks that escalating tensions with a nuclear power only helps the Shurb's plans for missile defense systems.)

I wish I didn't scare me like this sometimes.
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