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"A senior US official has bluntly warned Iraq that if it does not surrender weapons of mass destruction it will face military action."

(From a BBC news story.)

It looks more and more like we just want to attack Iraq and are making it impossible for them to avoid being attacked. If they didn't let in inspectors we'd attack them; so they let them in. If they didn't give the inspectors full access we'd attack them; so they gave them access. If the inspectors found anything we'd attack them; the inspectors haven't found anything.

So now, if they don't come up with weapons of mass destruction, which they say they don't have and which inspectors haven't been able to find, we attack them. I don't see how they can get out of this one. Look for an attack on Iraq to begin by the end of next month.

When do we get to be the good guys again?

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