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Extra time

We got word on Friday night that work might need people to come in over the weekend to work on some things expected to come in. So I, in need of extra cash just now, volunteered to call in on Sunday. Having done so at about 20:00, I was told that the help would be appreciated and here I am.

Unlike most of the time when I've either worked a scheduled weekend or come in on a weekend, there was actual work to do that has kept me busy until now. Just an hour and a half or so for me left. So a pretty good chunk of time in. I'll probably get about four hours of overtime out of the deal.

Monday I start a class on using Microsoft Word to do our traditional typesetting work. We've been using Word to do HTML work for quick and dirty filings over the last year and a bit. I'm a bit sceptical about how well it will work for the traditional typeset work, given the more stringent standards expected for that type of output. But it should be quicker to use so we'll see if the trade-offs will be worth it. In the class with me are two of the most conservative co-workers in terms of using new technology to do our work. They have good points but tend to be change-averse so this could be stressful for them.

Me, I figure I'll be bored about an hour into it. The class is schedule for two days and I'm guessing it'll be a variation on our HTML process. So basically running Word macros to get what you want out of the file. If given the tool today, I'd probably do a half-way decent job of it without any instruction.

I'll have to find a way to use the time....

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