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Shock on the drive

So I head home from work, just like always, and flip on the radio on my way out of the parking lot. I listen to the local "alternative" station so I was a bit surprised to hear "War! (What is it good for?)" but thought, hey, maybe Lenny Kravitz or some new funky artist covered it. But then, the station ID rolls out and what was once my favorite radio station is now "Groove 105."


I thought things were going downhill when the DJs started talking over the song introductions like they do on the "other" stations in town. I had really liked that this station's talent didn't compromise the music by talking over it. (They even ran an ad to that effect last year....)

So now I'll start looking for a new radio station, but don't hold out much hope for finding one of this quality again. My late friend Lee Pelton never listened to the radio and had the largest and most eclectic music collection I'd ever seen. He made me several tapes of music he thought I'd like and/or should know about. My radio station used to play some of the song Lee introduced me too. I doubt I'll find another.
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