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It's all over

Idiocy abounds.

The job I just finished finaling (which sounds redundant) was sent in with the instruction "Set new Exhibit 10.9" and 42 pages of hard copy. This instruction means that we needed to type in the content of these pages (rather than copy it from customer-supplied data). The job was broken up into 2-page chunks and farmed out to the people on duty.

After it was all proofread I concatenated the files into one exhibit. As I did so, however, I noticed that there were actually three exhibits in those 42 pages. No problem. Broke the one file into three files and named them appropriate. Go to load them into the delivery system for sending to the customer service rep. Only there's no slot in the delivery system for two of the exhibits. So do these two extra docs, which represent 41 of the 42 pages we just spent all night typing in and proofreading, belong to this job? If so, where to they go? Is there anyone in Chicago (where they were being sent) on Saturday morning?

Also, I discovered upon checking the page numbers of the document that one page had not been sent to us. The client's fax banner showed page "31/44" and "33/44" but our copy (sequentially numbered by the delivery system) didn't have the page corresponding to "32/44" and, indeed, we had page "18 of 31" and "20 of 31" of that exhibit but not the missing one.

So I just spent a chunk of time on the phone with an annoyed customer service guy in Chicago (who was, in fact, in on Saturday morning looking for this job). He sent up the missing page. Yours truly got to type it in and have it quickly proofread. The job gets sent down to Chicago soon, only about 30 minutes late because some idiot on the front end didn't spend 2 minutes prepping the job better.

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