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Things slowed down a bit at work this evening. While we have a lot of work, most of it is waiting to be proofread and there are enough of us typesetters about that when a file comes out of proofreading, we scarf it up and make corrections pretty quickly.

So I had some time to go back and read my journal entries for 2001. Mostly the mundane bits of day to day experiences. A few mini-essays that I'm pretty proud of. One bit about a dream/story idea that I'd forgotten.

I see from the entries that I was pretty happy for most of 2001. A few bouts of depression but, overall, I was progressing on many levels. Work was one area where progress was very limited. Much complaining about the idiocy of my co-workers, only a little cheering the fun parts of my then-job. Then, of course, getting fired on September 17, a spare week after the tragedy of September 11.
Only one entry after that, I think I fell into depressed haze for the rest of the year.

I miss the good parts of that year. Much of what I did that year I wasn't able to do this year. The things I did in their place didn't have the same rejuvenating effect they had then. I feel worn down and older than at the beginning of year. Yet, I look forward to next year; I have plans in place for some fun things and more are bound to arise.

Here's hoping the wonder of the future measures up.

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