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Weekend plans

Tomorrow afternoon is my family's holiday gathering. We're meeting up at my brother's place is Shakopee (have to MapQuest the directions again) and doing the gift opening and dinner. I'm thinking that Ericka and I might skip dinner because a) that'll be quite a lot of time, b) we're sitting for three dogs and four dogs (including ours) can cause a lot of havoc if left to their own devices for long enough and c) I've got other plans for the evening.

So after presents and visiting it's back home, feed the dogs, feed ourselves, feed the cat. Then I'm off to see Todd Menton at Kieran's. Hope to be hooking up with the rest of you gentle readers that have said you were thinking of going. Grab a table up front if you get there first. If anyone needs a ride, give a call and I'll get back to you in the early evening.

Sunday, I've got movies from NetFlix to watch. Ghosts of Mars, largely because I saw Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 earlier this year and I hear this is a futuristic remake. The Princess and the Warrior, because I enjoyed Run, Lola, Run. And Osmosis Jones, which has received good reviews from many and includes some actors I like (Bill Murray, Lawrence Fishburne).

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