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Busy work

Work has been getting busy of late. Last night we were quite swamped (thus no updates here). Things have calmed down for this Christmas Eve but are still relatively busy. Some of it is probably the 20% reduction in hours that everyone has taken; that would mean fewer people to do the same amount of work. I hope, however, that some of it is also an upswing in the actual amount of work. If it continues to pick up through January, they'll likely put us back on full time.

The only down-side to this is that I'll be calling in to work at about 8:00 p.m. tomorrow to see if they need me to come in. Seeing as the stuff we are working on tonight is due early Thursday morning, I doubt that I'll have to work. It is annoying, however, to know that as much as I'm anticipating the party I'll be attending tomorrow evening, it could all be for naught if there's work to be done.

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